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Tips to Avoid Excess Body Fat Leading to Obesity

Eating fast food has become an essential part of their life, owing to people's lifestyles. Most people are also tired to exercise because of the tight work schedules, ultimately leading to obesity.

Try out these ways to avoid excess body fat,  expert says:-                                                                    

*Eat breakfast every day, it is the most important meal of a day

*Watch out for empty calories and take food which are low on sugar and fat content. It is important to get a balanced diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains included in it.

*Exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes as it helps to reduce body fat as well as protect one against chronic diseases associated with obesity like diabetes, heart disease. It will also help to decrease stress and high blood pressure. Exercising is good to decrease fat around the waist and total body fat which will slow the development of abdominal obesity.

*Get enough sleep on a daily basis as irregular bedtime and insufficient sleep lead to weight gain. Sleep-deprived people may be too tired to exercise, decreasing the "calories burned" side of the weight-change equation.  

*Consult a specialist if overweight and don't be afraid to ask for help 

Source: IANS